We have developed a range of innovative education programs for both primary and secondary school students, Jewish and non-Jewish, that target the NSW curriculum for Years 5 to 9.

Written by a local Jewish Studies teacher the programs address the themes of food, faith and family as well as religious rituals, Jewish migration and its place in Australian history.

To make the most of the activities, we suggest that you visit our four online exhibitions and the collection of migration stories.

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The lessons and activities for you to download cover topics such as:

  • Community and Diversity
  • Australia as a Nation and Australia‚Äôs changing identity
  • Australian Society and Citizenship
  • Post- War Migration
  • The Globalising world and migration experiences
  • Geography
  • Family history
  • Role-playing and games such interviewing and creating a cultural cookbook
Stage 3

Icon pdfEPN_Stage 3 Moments of Coming Together_v3.pdf

Icon pdfStage 3 More than a Mark on a Map_New.pdf

Icon pdfStage 3 Class Cultural Cookbook_New.pdf

Icon pdfStage 3 Create Your Own Eat Pray Naches_.pdf

Icon pdfStage 3 What's the Story Behind the P.pdf

Stage 5

Icon pdfStage 5 Create Your Own Eat Pray Naches_New.pdf

Icon pdfStage 5 Eat Pray Naches the Unique and the Universal_New.pdf

Icon pdfStage 5 Three Generations on a Map_New.pdf