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Can you share a particular memory about a place or location in the local area.In 200 words or less

Tell us about a favourite or special memory involving food.In 200 words or less

Please describe some traditions that you are passing on to your children (and or grandchildren) or other members of your family?In 200 words or less

What does the word naches mean to you?In 200 words or less

How do you think the Jewish community has shaped the Waverley area?In 200 words or less

Choose up to 3 photographs in jpg format

Each story requires three supporting images (max 500kb each).

The following photos should be:
1)One photo of yourself (options front view, ¾ or side profile)
2)Two photos that support your story

All three photos need to be clearly labeled, see examples below:
  • Photo 1 – John Citizen, 2014
  • Photo 2 – e.g. Arriving at Woolloomooloo Wharf on the Odessa Ship, May 1958
  • Photo 3 – e.g. My mother, father and brother and I swimming at Bronte Beach, 1962
All photos need to be supplied as a jpeg or gif format.
I give permission for the story and images submitted to be published on the Eat Pray Naches website.
I give permission for the images to be used in Waverley Library's Local Studies Collection.

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